The minnow app plans to launch a beta in May 2017.

We would like to introduce you to your new friend, minnow. The minnow app is more than a way to send recommendations to family and friends, it is a personal database to store the things you love. It doesn’t matter if you want to store a person, place or thing, minnow helps conveniently organize your stuff into pools and share them when you want. Learn more >

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It's simple - minnows and pools.

It's simple with minnows and pools. We don't want to gum up your personal database or complicate your recommendations to friends and family. Easily create, organize, and share your minnows.


What are pools?

Pools are the collections of minnows into meaningful categories that can be organized and/or shared.

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What are minnows?

minnows are the individual items you want to store to retrieve and/or share at a future date.

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From our users.


The minnow app helped me arrange the contacts, schools, and other stuff for my autistic son. I was so happy to have an easy way to share with other people that are navigating the same things we are with my son.

Kim - Salt Lake City, UT

I love having all my service providers in one place. I hated storing their contact info in my contacts or having to look it up when someone wanted a recommendation. I share minnow with all my friends and family now.

Jenny - St. George, UT