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In one sentence, what is the minnow app?

The minnow app is your new personal assistant that helps store, organize, retrieve, and share the things you love with the people you love.


What is a minnow?

minnows are the individual items you want to store to retrieve and/or share at a future date. Creating minnows help you remember the contact info, pricing, and other data from the service providers and products you use. Why? So you can eventually send them as recommendations to friends and family members. See more about minnows >


What is a pool?

Pools are the collections of minnows organized into meaningful categories that can be prioritized and/or shared. Pools help facilitate the sharing of multiple minnows when someone wants general recommendations. For instance, "beauty tips" can be a pool which may contain minnows such as your preferred nail salon, hairdresser, spray tan, make up and so forth. You can share all your beauty tips in one action. See more about pools >


Why would I want to create minnows?

Creating minnows helps you remember your service providers' info, pricing info, product info, and other details that you want to retrieve at some point. In addition, minnows are valuable when someone asks for a recommendation. It's a quick send within the app (via text or email) instead of scrambling for the info when someone asks for a recommendation on the spot. How many recommendations go unsent because people don't have the info to send right in front of them? Too many. The minnow app will change that and keep you from leaving your friends hanging.


Why would I want to share a minnow with a friend, family member or acquaintance?

We all have things that people ask us about. "Who does your hair?" "Who does your nails?" "Who is your permanent makeup artist?" “Where do your kids go to daycare?” “Who is your reliable babysitter?” “Who is your trusted plumber?” And so forth. The minnow app helps facilitate a quick recommendation share so you don't have to Google, copy, paste, vaguely describe directions, or read off contact info you to your friend or family member. Stored minnows are easily accessed and easily shared.


Can I share more than one minnow at a time?

Yes, if all the minnows you want share are in the same pool.


Can I share more than one pool at a time?

No. A single pool of minnows should be enough for each send. You can easily navigate to another pool and send it as well. Besides, you want the recipient of your recommendation to benefit from your organized pool instead of getting blasted by information overload.


Is the minnow app only for women?

No. However, women have been identified as the main users based on the amount of recommendations they give and receive on a weekly basis. Women often have complex preferences so minnow can help them stay more organized. Men, transgender and any other orientation can use minnow. There is room for everyone.


What is #1 reason I should use minnow?

You now have a mobile database that acts as a personal assistant for your preferences. You can easily store, organize, retrieve, and share the things you love with the people you love. Bam.


What is #2 reason I should use minnow?

You will become known as an influencer among your friends and family. And, influence is the currency of the social economy we live in. It can often be more valuable than money.


What is #3 reason I should use minnow?

You can throw away all the random pieces of paper on your refrigerator, delete the service providers' details mingled among your personal contacts, and remove all the mental notes cluttering your mind. The minnow app helps store and organize all the things you want to remember in pools.


Is the minnow app free?

Yes, the minnow app is a free iPhone app. Specifically, minnow is a freemium app if you want enhancements (unlimited minnows, unlimited pools, and no ads). All the app functionality is there in the free version but for $.99 you can have everything unlocked. Instead of $.99, you can also opt to send minnow to 5 friends to unlock all options.


Why am I seeing ads in the minnow app?

You must be using the free version. You can either upgrade for $.99 or share the app with five friends to unlock unlimited capacity and to remove ads.


How is minnow different from competing apps?

minnow is user focused instead of service provider focused. Everything is tailored for the individual user- not a platform for businesses to market.


Are service providers paying to be featured on the minnow app?

No, we don't want to muddy up a user’s experience with service providers ads and paid reviews. There are plenty of apps that just try to play matchmaker with service providers and potential customers.


What are some example minnows for a beauty pool?

Some examples of minnows that can be added to a beauty pool include contact and pricing info for: eyebrow waxer, hairdresser, nail salon, spray tanning, waxing spa, nutritionist, personal trainer, dermatologist, dietician, massage therapist, facials, stylist, makeup artist, yoga instructor, pilates studio, and so forth.


What inspired you to create the minnow app?

I am constantly asked "Who does this... for you?" Or "Who does that ... for you?" I hated not having the information readily available, I hated leaving my friend or family member hanging, I hated forgetting to send a promised recommendation, I hated trying to store and organize my preferences in a note app, and I didn’t want to clutter up my contacts app with service provider phone numbers and addresses. The minnow app was born to help solve these frustrations.

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