What are minnows?

You don’t have to look very far to find out that we’re all about ‘minnows’ and ‘pools’. Don’t fret if you don’t know what they are though. For, there will always be new terms that users must learn when a catchy app is launched.

So, what is a minnow anyway? minnows are the individual items we want to store to retrieve and/or share at a future time. We’ve all used some form of minnow storing in the past. For example, people historically have stored all their important phone numbers, addresses, recommendations, warranties, and so forth in many places. Places like:

  • Sticky notes on a computer
  • Paper scraps on the refrigerator
  • Day planner
  • Receipts stored in a wallet or purse
  • iPhone notes app
  • Contacts app on phone
  • In the mind’s short-term or long-term memory
  • Scribbles on your hand

We store this contact information, product information, or the location details because we want to someday remember and possibly recommend to friends and family members. It should be surprising that recommending or sharing minnows increases the value of the things we use daily, weekly, or monthly.

By sharing minnows, we are building our influence with those around us. Why do we or should we care about influencing? The influence we gain with others becomes our our social currency. The more we positively influence others, the more they want to be around us, ask for our advice, and in general trust us.

The minnow app facilitates this influence through the sharing of minnows.

But why call them “minnows”?

Why minnows specifically? Why not peas in a pod, bed of clams, congregation of alligators, host of sparrows, or something tech related (personal database-esque, organization app, irecommendation app)?

First of all, minnows are small and freely swim between many pools or schools of fish. They innocently float around, just like the small recommendations we handout or ask for often from friends and family members. Being small, minnows are like the small bits of information we want to save from our lives (see below for some examples). And minnows group themselves with other alike minnows - making them easy to catch when in larger groups.

In general, using a metaphor of minnows and pools said more than we could say in words. For, minnows and pools effectively illustrates the relationship between the people, places, and things we love in our lives.

What are some examples of minnows?

The following are some examples that will help you build your minnows and group them into pools.

If you wanted to create a beauty pool, you may want to store the contact info for your hairdresser, nail lady, preferred spray tan product or location, eyebrow artist, favorite lipstick color or brand, permanent makeup applier, etc.

For a health pool, you may want to store your OB-GYN, dentist’s info, pediatrician or family practitioner, dermatologist, masseuse, lactation consultant, midwife, etc.

For an exercise pool, you may want to store your diet information, personal trainer’s information, gym info and membership details (expiration, billing, etc.), nutritionist, dietician, yoga instructor, physical therapist, etc.

For a home pool, you may want to store your pest control provider, plumber’s info, HVAC company, roof installer and warranty info, electrician, gardener, lawn care, snow removal, etc.

We could go on for any category or part of your life. We all have things that we love and people ask us about. “Who do you use for this…?” “What product do you use for that…” “Where did you get such and such done... ?” minnow is an easy way to pass those recommendations along since they’re already stored for you in the app.

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Thanks for tuning in.