What are pools?

What are pools?

In the previous post we looked into what a minnow is and how they help you store the things you love. You can read that post here: What are minnows? >

To help you best understand and further utilize the minnow app, we want to explain “pools” and how they can help you organize the minnows you plan to store.

Pools are the collections of minnows into meaningful categories that can be organized and/or shared. Pools of minnows can be grouped by a broad topic (i.e. beauty, health, home, etc.) or into more specific topics (i.e. weight loss, makeup, pregnancy, eyebrows, etc.).

It really depends on what you value and what you intend to share with people. We all have something that people always comment about to us. For instance, you may create minnows within a beauty pool because people frequently ask you “Where did you get your hair done?” “Who does your nails?” “Who is your personal trainer?” “What spray tan do you use?” and so forth.

Instead of tracking down the info for every person that asks you, minnows and pools facilitate these small recommendations. Think of the minnow app as a personal assistant for the small things in your life.

Why are pools valuable?

Pools become especially valuable as you build out more and more minnows within the app. For, the more minnows you have, the more meaningful groups you will have to help organize the things you love. The pools help simplify the filtering of your items so you can retrieve them faster.

And maybe most importantly, the pools feature allow you to share entire groups of minnows. Instead of sending each minnow (or recommendation) individually via text or email, you can send the whole category all at once if someone wants your recommendations.

So, when someone asks “What are your beauty tips? You always look great.” You can send them where you got your hair done, nails done, eyebrows waxed, tanning done, etc. in one simple share. All you would need to do is go to your beauty pool and send to your friend. Super simple.

However, if you want to keep some of your beauty tips secret then you can also limit what you send. We know that you will want to keep some beauty secrets for yourself :).

What if I can’t think of minnows and pools for my life?

Don’t be silly! :) Everyone has preferences that they want to remember at some point in time (service providers’ contact info, product info, etc.) and everyone hands out a recommendation now and then.

You just need to gather all the random scraps of paper you carry around, sticky notes, or lists you put on your refrigerator that have phone numbers, addresses, recommendations, product info, warranty info, etc. Enter in those things in the app and you’ve got your minnow and pools started!

We are happy to help build your pools. Email us and we can help stir up some ideas to get you started (email: info@minnowapp.org).
Thanks for tuning in!