The minnow app is a personal database that empowers you to collect and organize the things you love and share them when someone asks for a recommendation.

First and foremost, minnow serves as a personal database that keeps service providers, products, or other things you love at your fingertips. It’s all about keeping addresses, prices, and other data that you need to retrieve at some point in the future.   

Second, minnow is a means to send recommendations to friends and family when they inquire. minnow helps answer the following questions when asked:

  • "Who do you use for...?"
  • "What do you use for...?"
  • "Where do go for...?"

The minnow app does NOT match you to a advertising service providers like other recommendation apps. In addition, the minnow’s goal is NOT to provide promoted reviews from vendors. For, minnow is an app that is dedicated to the individual user, not a lead generation tool (yay!).

Central to the minnow app is pooling your minnows into meaningful groups or categories. Pools can be constructed from any part of your life. For example, general pools can include a Beauty pool, Home pool, Exercise pool, Health pool, or Business pool. 

Example minnows for the Beauty pool could include:

Beauty pool minnows:

  • Hairdresser minnow
  • Nails minnow
  • Eyebrows minnow
  • Spray tanning minnow
  • Personal trainer minnow
  • Waxer minnow
  • Makeup minnow

minnow is more fun with others. Share minnow with friends and family so they will be in-network when our social network is released.